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An Interview with Gwen Hustwit (an Energy Healer & a Spiritual Coach)

We are all intuitive by nature. Our 6th sense can be developed like a muscle.

I interviewed Gwen after work, my energy levels were low and I was nervous about how that may affect the interview. By the end of the interview she managed to shift my energy with her presence and knowledge. Ahead of her Workshop “Release what no longer serves you and create your own reality in 2021” I wanted to understand how Gwen’s work can help others and what her story is.

Enjoy this first part of the interview where we explore Gwen’s story, energy healing and what you can expect from her workshop.

Alex: From investment banking to design & marketing for a luxury tea brand to spiritual coaching and energy healing, who is Gwen?

That’s a big question! Who are we as human beings? The spiritual answer is that we are love, that’s the source of who we are. And who is Gwen? Well I don’t like to label myself but I’ll say I’m an explorer and that’s probably why I’ve had so many careers. I like to follow what makes me happy and what brings me joy. I've experienced being “accomplished” in my career, materially speaking, but at the same time I felt there was something missing, I was not fulfilled on the inside. And that's when I started to wonder. I started to ask those big questions like “who am I?” and “how can I be happy?”. If we're not defined by our accomplishments, if we're not the money that we earn and if we're not the status or the role that we have, who are we? Who am I? It's a very big question. I've been exploring this question for a really long time. To answer you, I'm just a soul who's looking for joy and I love being of service to others.

Alex: How did your story with healing started?

My journey into self-development started just over 10 years ago and my first encounter with energy healing was 3 years ago, in 2017. A friend of mine invited me to a Theta Healing meditation evening in London. I was going through a challenging situation at the time and was intrigued by this type of work. I found the evening very inspiring and I left feeling freer, lighter and clearer. And above all, I left feeling hopeful. I remember the teacher telling us to close our eyes and she took us on a guided visualization. She helped us identify and release our limiting beliefs, which are held in the subconscious mind. I didn’t really know how it worked but it definitely left me wanting to know more. So I booked a private session with this same Theta Healing teacher. I wanted to experience energy healing firsthand and I was totally in awe of this technique. So much so that I decided to learn the modality, for myself at first and then I became a practitioner for others. During the course of this journey, I learned to tap into my intuition and read energy. It was like a homecoming for me. So much of who we are and why we do the things that we do is located in the subconscious mind, in the unseen world. I also realised that we are all intuitive by nature. We all have a 6th sense and intuition is like a muscle, you just got to practice!

Alex: For someone who is new to spirituality how would you describe what you do?

For me, being spiritual means listening to your heart, to your own authority. It’s about following your guidance within. Ultimately it’s about remembering that you are your own healer. And that’s what I do, I guide all my clients to find their own answers so they can know their own heart.

Alex: What does a spiritual coach and an energy healer do?

The main aspect of my role as a coach is to hold space. I don’t actually teach anything. As I said earlier, I guide my clients to find their own answers. What I offer is a safe space for them to dig deep into themselves and identify what gets in the way of their freedom and happiness. I help them become more conscious of their limiting patterns so that they can choose to let them go. I help them see what lies in their blind spots and together we release what no longer serves them such as childhood traumas, fears, limiting beliefs, conditioning etc. I do this using Theta Healing and Colour Mirrors. These two modalities are great tools to access the subconscious mind and release deep rooted patterns. The key aspect of my work is to provide clarity to my clients, clarity about who they are and who they are not. Together we explore what matters to them most so they can experience more freedom, creativity and abundance in their lives.

Alex: In today's society a lot of people are not following their dreams. And I was wondering if you had any sort of thoughts about what you think it’s stopping them finding their passion and tuning into their energy.

Everyone is on a unique path. Some people already know what they want to do with their lives, others are on a quest to find out. Don’t compare where you are with anyone else and focus on enjoying the journey, letting go of the destination. Knowing your heart’s desires can be a dream in itself. Living in alignment with your heart can be a whole life’s journey with many gifts along the way. I do believe that every single person on earth has a purpose. I also feel that sometimes we think “purpose” means a career or something really big. It doesn't have to be. Living on purpose means waking up everyday, being present and feeling fulfilled, whatever you do. And fulfilment comes from within, not from the outside world. I know this personally. I used to think the next job would make me happy, I was so defined by my career and my status. When I started looking within and doing the healing work I had a whole new perception of my life and I started to understand what really brought me joy. Some people aren’t following their dreams because they might not be in touch with their heart or because of limiting beliefs, childhood conditioning or some ancestral patterning. So the key is to do the work to uncover, layer by layer, what stops you from living your life from the heart.

Alex: And how important do you think guidance is on this self-discovery journey?

It really depends on what works for you. For me, especially at the beginning, it was really important to be guided and have support along the way. Before I discovered energy healing, I did many self-development courses, I worked with a Jungian therapist and now I have a coach. In the past 10 years I've always had support, simply because it's quicker. So much of what stops us lies in our blind spots and having someone reveal our blind spots is when transformation happens. I’m pretty good at working on myself now too!

Alex: I was reading through the testimonials that you have on your website. The majority of your clients acknowledge your phenomenal intuition, where do you think that comes from?

We are all intuitive, we just don’t always know it. I didn’t know I was intuitive until I was shown how to activate and tap into my intuition. Since my first Theta Healing class I have spent the last few years practicing and my intuition got fine-tuned and a lot sharper. It’s now part of my daily life, not just during client sessions. Literally everyone can learn this skill. It’s a form of intelligence always available to us, it’s our birth right.

Alex: How does a typical workshop run by you look like?

All my workshops are unique because they are participant-driven. I work with what the participants bring to the workshop. I do have an overarching theme to focus our attention, for example my next workshop with Deeper Events is called “Release what no longer serves you and create your own reality in 2021”.

The aim of all my workshops is to support the participants in receiving new insights about their lives so they can experience a shift in perception and consciousness, which will allow them to make new choices in their lives. I want all participants to leave feeling empowered and lighter.

Group workshops are really powerful because we are all mirrors of each other. You might not be able to see your own patterns but you will see it in someone else which will reveal what you hold inside and which you are ready to shift. For example, someone might articulate a fear that you didn’t know you had. My workshops are very intimate and people are encouraged to share about what they want to work on. You have to be willing to be open and vulnerable, knowing it will benefit the whole group. It takes courage. I usually invite all participants to share their intention and then I use Theta Healing and Colour Mirrors to access the energy of the group and tap into the subconscious mind. I then do a group healing which takes the form of energetic releases and downloading of new empowering beliefs. I also share my screen on Zoom and participants can pick colour bottles to support them in getting insights, the colour bottles are really fun and people feel naturally drawn to them.

Alex: When you know you’ve done a good job as a spiritual coach?

I always ask my private clients or workshop participants how they feel at the end of a healing session. I ask them how they perceive the situation or challenge they were working on and, if they see it differently or if it’s not an issue anymore, I know that they have shifted and released what they needed to at that given moment. So I know if I’ve done a good job based on their feedback, if they’ve had a shift in perception and also based on the results they create in their lives afterwards.

Alex: Where can people find you if they want to work with you or just write you a message? or you can email

If you want to book a ticket on Gwen’s workshop you can do it by following this link.

[On the second part of the interview we will discover more about how Gwen is working with colours and intuition to help them navigate through their inner questions and answers.]

Start the year off in a powerful way with this workshop where Gwen will guide you to release your limiting beliefs and set empowering intentions for the rest of the year. Get your tickets here

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