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5 Ways Deep Conversation Makes Friendship Magical

Friendship is one of the most incredible experiences that we can have. Laughing and talking with another person is one of the most joyful times and if that person really gets you and understand you the bond between you is so great that it feels magical. However, many friendships can be purely surface-level. How deeply do you really know your friends? Can you say you really know what is going on in their head? Or, are we not showing who we really are and not really seeing others either? Deep conversation is the bridge to cross this gap between what is seen and what is understood in a friendship. Here are 5 ways deep conversation makes friendship magical…

1. See the other person for who they really are

When we engage in deep conversation we are being completely honest about what we are feeling and thinking, and so it gives a deep insight into the other person. We start and continue to truly understand what really motivates them, what they really think about and how they really see the world. We can often assume that we know these things about someone else but the reality can be very different. We might see one type of behaviour and think it means one thing but when we discuss what happened we see that what actually happened was different than how we thought. This is a constant reminder that what we assume about others is often wrong. With deep conversation there are no assumptions, we go on and leave with a full understanding of the other person – we see the real them.

2. You feel very close with that person

If you were to share what you really feel and what you really are thinking with someone, the act of opening up your authentic self lets the person feel your true nature. There is something magical that happens when you do this, you feel as if you no longer have to hide anything, you feel relaxed. You and the other person feel very connected because you both deeply understand one another.

3. Deep Conversation solves every problem

There is not a single problem in a friendship that can’t be solved with communication. While there may be feeling that can’t be resolved, the way both of you relate to those feelings will change, and thus it is no longer a ‘problem’. Every conflict in a friendship usually arises when one person doesn’t feel appreciated by the other person. As that is what we crave in friendship. However, there may be a multitude of reasons why we may not be showing that appreciation that actually are not related to if we appreciate that person. Every single conflict can be met if we honestly and openly communicate about what is going on for us and so the other person can understand our perspective, or vice versa.

4. You guys can have more fun

If you feel deeply connected with someone and can show your true self, you are not afraid to tell them the latest crazy thing you have been thinking about or doing. And, you are not afraid to ask them to try it out with you. So you know there is always someone there who cares about everything you do and you’re not afraid to share it! So you guys have way more fun together doing what you love to do. You can laugh about all the silly ways your mind works and all the great memories you’ve had together.

5. You will both feel complete and accepted in each-others presence

All we really want from life is to be ourselves. To be able to relax, show who we really are and for people to see us and see our value and appreciate us. A friendship built on deep conversation gets you all of these things. So, ultimately you are more satisfied, happier and more fulfilled in your life!

Start having deep conversations and don’t look back!

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