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Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Why does it say “Unpaid” on Meetup when I have bought a ticket?

When you RSVP for a session Meetup automatically adds ‘unpaid’ note next to your name. If this is not updated by the organisers, it remains. As we do not use Meetup to track attendance or payments we do not update this and it remains. All people who RSVP see this next to their name when they log in, though you cannot see the status of others so it appears it is only you, but it is not.

How long ago and why did you start the group?

The group started in April 2017. The group was an idea that stemmed from a workshop that Megan attended entitled “How to Make Deep Connections”. This workshop introduced the concept of full presence and deep listening in conversation, these were a revelation to Megan. However, she felt that the workshop approach was too rigid and that most people wanted to simply connect with others so she came up with the idea of a more relaxed, informal way to practice the same conversational techniques with the group ‘Deeper Conversations’. Megan met Carlton around this time and after forming a firm friendship they set up this group together.

The idea of the group is to spread the concept of connection, support, deep acceptance, non-judgement and understanding into our conversations, relationships and our lives. Also, it was created for more people to experience the thrill and deep satisfaction of a ‘Deep conversation’ and a ‘Deep connection’.

Who do I contact with a Customer Support Query?

Please contact, for a faster response message Hiba on our Meetup group ( or message us on Facebook (

Can I join an event late or leave early?

Yes, no problem! You can join at any stage of an event as new conversations begin and end regularly. The pairs or small groups are changed every 7-15 minutes, depending on the event. You can leave anytime!

Is this your full time job?

This group started as a Meetup, that we ran once per week and did not work on for longer. However since April 2020 (Corona virus situation) the events have expanded onto Online and given the opportunity for both Megan and Carlton to work full time. At writing (October 2020) both Megan and Carlton work full time in the business ‘Deeper Events’, which includes the event ‘Deeper Conversations’.

Can I come to an event if it’s my first time?

YES! You can definitely come to an event if it is your first time. Most people attending are also FirstTimers just like you. We encourage FirstTimers to attend and have a promo code for each month so FirstTimers can come for free. Please contact Customer Support (Hiba at time of writing) to get the promo code for that month.

Can I come if I live in another Country?

Yes you can! We welcome people from all places.

Will an event be suitable for me if I am extremely anxious or shy?

Yes! This group is for everyone, especially those that feel anxious or shy. Anxiety or shyness is due to past behaviours, if you start engaging with people you will start to no longer feel anxious or shy. We really encourage people who are anxious and shy as the events are set up in the perfect way for these kind of people – we have timed, one-on-one conversations and we give you questions so if you can’t think of anything to say we have you covered! Also the host is very welcoming and friendly, you will feel comfortable. He is also aware that shy and anxious people come to our events regularly. You can leave at any time, and camera turned on is not compulsory. Come along!

Will I fit in if everyone already knows each other?

The values of our events are inclusivity and acceptance of all people. Most of the event is spent in one-on-one conversations and little time is spent within the group environment. While we do have regulars we always also have newcomers and FirstTimers at our events. The events are designed for all to enjoy and we especially encourage newcomers. You WILL fit in and not everyone knows each-other ;) Also, the group is constantly changing and different people attend every day.

Why are there so many deep questions on your list?

The name of the group is ‘Deeper Conversations’, in order to encourage Deep Conversation we have listed Deep Questions for people to start these types of conversations. While these questions are just a guide, you do not have to follow them at all times, however we do encourage that you avoid small talk and get to know each other in a meaningful way. That is the aim and intention of the group and most of the participants.

Can you tell me a bit more about what happens at a Deeper Conversations event?

The waiting room is open 10 minutes before the event starts. Once the event starts the Host will allow everyone to enter. The host will greet people warmly and say the instructions for the event including give you a link to a list of deep questions. Then, he will pair people so they can have one-on-one conversations. While in a paired conversation you can use the list of deep questions to create a deep conversation between you. You may choose any question on the list and talk about it for any amount of time. Also, you do not have to use the questions: they are a guide but there are no rules related to using the guide. We recommend that you pick one question and both of you answers and listens deeply when the other is speaking. You will have 4/5 one-on-one conversations and then may have a group conversation with 2 other attendees. At the end, the host will say Goodbye and leave the Meeting on for people to continue talking. Sometimes we had people to continue speaking hours after the event has passed, we take this as good sign! ;)

What’s the difference between Deeper Conversations and Speed Friending?

If you attend both of these events, you can feel there is a very different vibe. While both use the Deep Questions to get to know other people – Deeper Conversations is a relaxed 15-20 minute conversation with each person which allows you to spend enough time to enjoy the conversation properly and get to know each other. Often people remark that the time goes too fast! You would be surprised how fast a Deep Conversation can go because it is so enjoyable! Speed Friending is for people who are looking to meet a lot of people, it is more fast-paced. However we still give 7 – 10 minutes to get to know the other person so it is longer than other Speed Friending events. A key difference is that the intention of Speed Friending is to make friends and you write down the people you like during the event and afterwards we send you a list of your matches! Deeper Conversations is more about enjoying the conversation and experiencing a Deep Conversation.

Is deeper conversations a dating event?

Deeper conversations is not a dating event, it is about meeting people and having great conversations without an agenda. We have Deeper Dating available for those interested in dating events.

What happens if I see ‘Meeting ID Invalid’ ?

There has been an error. Please check with our Customer Support for the correct zoom link for the event you wish to attend.

Are the events online or in-person?

At time of writing all our events are online. However we run informal birthday drinks once a month in person and may continue with in-person events soon.

Can I become an affiliate and promote the events?

Yes! You can. Please email

What is the contact email for Customer inquiries?

What type of Events do you run?

We run events for meaningful connection and personal growth. Meaningful connection is all our social events e.g. Deeper Conversations, Deeper Dating and Speed Friending. While our workshops consist of topics around Communication, Connection, Inner work, Mindset, Personal Development, Public Speaking, Spirituality and much more! We also run events under ‘Wellness’ such as Qigong, Meditation, Emotional Acceptance and Kundalini Yoga (and more!). We also run courses so keep a look out!

Are you on Social Media?

Yes! You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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What is the vision for the group?

We see the group growing globally to reach people with the value of Deep Conversation and also being a personal development focused group creating and promoting incredible transformational courses and workshops.

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