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How to (gracefully) bring a conversation to a close?

Have you ever had to deal with a situation where a conversation suddenly runs its course and you find yourself wondering how do you end it; while not being impolite and causing offence to anyone? Chances of getting things getting awkward in such situations are very high if you don't handle it nicely but we have gathered a few ideas for you which may work:

  • Make future arrangements: Suggesting to meet them again and fixing a date can leave you free to move on.

  • Choose your words wisely: Any statement starting with “finally,” or “lastly” will make it clear to them that you are wrapping up the conversation. You can also start or end your sentence with “I won’t keep you long”, or “I will let you get on with…." to suggest that you’re halting the other person’s day and will now let them continue. It's also a very polite way to signal that you want to end the conversation.

  • Be straightforward: Sometimes, the easiest way is to be straightforward. Just tell them the exact reason that you started the conversation with them in the first place. One such example could be passing a labelling comment to convey that a certain job has been ticked off the list, for example, “Well, I just wanted to check everything was okay.” can also save you from being stuck in a never-ending conversation.

  • Give Pre-Goodbyes: Imply that the time to move on is coming up by giving pre-goodbye goodbyes, for example, give your best wishes to their parents/spouse like "Say Hi to your mom from me."

  • Keep it concise: Say if you want to avoid any future encounters without being rude to the other person, try to be concise and say “it was great seeing you again,” or “this was fun.” without leading to any future commitments.

Said gracefully and with sincerity, these should all allow you to exit a conversation without being rude

Author: Ayesha Hamid

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