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What is it Like to go Speed Friending?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

What comes to mind when you hear the words 'Speed Friending'?

Sounds interesting?

Sounds scary?

Sounds like something you wanted to try but never took the leap?

In this article a Speed Friending attendee - Ayesha - describes her experience of 'Speed Friending'..


My experiences of speed-friending have always been positive and I have never yet regretted attending. I have mostly always been matched up with people.

It is a great way to meet new people and if nothing else to just chat with a few people and hopefully have a few laughs, especially if you pick a funny question or a question that you can think of an amusing anecdote to answer with. Most people I have met have been genuinely friendly, honest and are looking to meet people and expand their social circle. Even if you do not necessarily click, it is good to see different points of view. It is best to go in with an open mind and also have the questions visible. And also it’s good to smile, say hello if you’re doing it via zoom, and make sure that you are saying their name correctly if there is any doubt!

I attended speed friending last Saturday. This was the first time that I attended it online. I have been a number of times to the Islington event which usually takes place in a local bar. As is always the case I found it to be well organised, and the Carlton the host is always really nice and welcoming. Highlights of last night for me were meeting some interesting and positive people, chatting and sharing how I was feeling about the lockdown, overcoming the challenges of our technology, and talking about multi-coloured caterpillars… although if I am honest I was more happy to stop talking about those! I am hopeful of getting a match from it and to hopefully make a few new friends, let’s see! I have met some really cool people this way in the past!


Written by: Ayesha Hamid

Ayesha has a personal blog which you can check out here.

Fancy giving Speed Friending a go for yourself?

See our upcoming Speed Friending events here.

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